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Headed by primary investigators Steven Mankouche, Andrew Herscher, and Andy Thompson, this project was the beneficiary of a Taubman College Research on the City grant.

The Atlas built upon the revolutionary work of Bill Bungee in 1960s Detroit—his approach to cartography as a form of activism informed and inspired the team's non-traditional subjects.

Taking the role of head research assistant entailed coordination of several designers and multiple areas and methodologies of research.


Screen printed Tyvek mailers served as durable, water-resistant covers for maps of the notoriously problematic Detroit bus system. These were handed out to bus riders, to source individual narratives and experiences.

Each of these maps, rather than following the logic of cardinal directions, was oriented to the path of a single bus line. Riders were encouraged to document and their experience of the bus line on the map and share it with the team.